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Hi everyone. If you read this you maybe can make your own Half-Life supermutant.
A brief introduction:
First supermutant who has been created is my good friend Harry. Maybe you know him from my artworks. If not check out my gallery. Combine tried to create their own mutants but only a few came out of their laboratories. Fortunately, because if there were more of them would do the nasty. But now if you want to create your own mutant you need:
*Headcrab (can be all types)
*Human male or female (blood group 0 Rh+)
*Gamma and beta ray
*some chemicals from Xen and Green Flu Tank tribe.
So we have all of this things. Now we can make our mutant. There is no guarantee that it works for the first time

If you have classic headcrab you will get classic mutant (like Harry). His normal ability:
*Super strong
*super speed regeneration
*impenetrable skin
*Powerful immune system
*overgrown muscles and strengthened bones
*retains its awareness (mostly).
It is likely he can have some additional feature for example apsorbing some energy, well developed organs or a powerful nervous system capable of many things. 
 Sometimes additional training can vary depending on the chemical composition.
For example, a higher content of flammable substances make that mutant will have some abilities associated with fire. In normal he can have even 400 cm high and weight around 0,5 tones maybe 0,7.

If you have posion headcrab you will get a little bigger version. He'll be have black or grey skin.
His abilities are like in classic model but he have weaker regeneration. He does not grow back limbs, but properly he isn't lose theme. Maybe he can use his posion. Poison mutant is bigger and stronger than classic model.

If you have fast headcrab you 
 receive smaller (even 310 cm high) but faster and agile mutant. He has similar abilities like classic but less strong. But remember. He is faster than classic.
He has faster and stronger regeneration. He can even regenerate lost limbs 2x faster than classic mutant.
Now we can observe the process of mutation.
Step 1: headcrab put on the head of the object.
Step 2: implant chemicals preferably through cuts and lacerations
Step 3: fire gamma and beta rays.
Step 4: Wait for 3-4 hours. Mutation is begins. WARNING! The object will be in great pain.
Popgoes Intensifies - Chat friendly emote [50x50] 
After this few hours we have own Half-Life mutant.
Have fun.
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Submitted on
March 25, 2016